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that one episode

You know that one episode where there's two guys and a little girl who wanted to die? Was this a filler episode or what? I don't understand;could someone please help me?
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Well I think the episode was meant to cover two things. One was the growing psycosis spreading through out ALL of the city. Indeed its a bit of a social commentray about how crazy things are in highlighted by the 'happy family planning' super thin condoms that this episode is named after and appear in the final scene.

Second it was supposed to cover the popular online culture of people who discuss commiting or simpley aiding in suicide. If you noted there were many times when the voices of the three were potrayed as scrolling 'text' as such you would get in a chat room or online chatting program. Was this episode supposed ot be set in the real world or was it really just being based off an online conversation? Thats something I haven't been able ot figure out for myself yet.

I feel I'd understand it a lot mroe of I could get ahold of a copy wiht the original japanesse subtitled and subs for all of the japanesse text flashing in the background.

but no...its not filler, as such, anymore than the episodes where the 'little slugger' copycat is relating his delusions of being a 'great warrior' for justice. It's mean to let the characters and concepts of the program GROW.

...or some junk like that :p